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Other Things

This page is the Things Page Part Two.

Here is the temperature at my school. (like you really care)

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AOL Instant Messaging Transcripts

This is a conversation I had with my friend, Joseph:
Jy7565: did u check my profile?
jobellacera: no, not yet, give me time. i have a 56K
Jy7565: check
Jy7565: checkcheckcheck
jobellacera: it usually doesn't take this long...
Jy7565: clifford
Jy7565: my profile sayz "please wait..."
jobellacera: what?
jobellacera: oh
Jy7565: hahahahahhaha
Jy7565: rofl
jobellacera: no wonder
Jy7565: i knew it
Jy7565: roflroflrofl
Jy7565: derrick didnt know that either
Jy7565: lol
jobellacera: i thought i was your friend....
Jy7565: no that was my profile
Jy7565: i just..
Jy7565: aw........
Jy7565: im sorry clifford
Jy7565: ill go away now
jobellacera: it's okay joseph, Im not mad

This is a conversation that I had with Paulo on why I should/shouldn't say hi to a girl for Paulo.
PePoPs87: take em out
PePoPs87: *POW *BAM
PePoPs87: *WHACK
PePoPs87: *CRACK
jobellacera: i ain't getting suspended just to say hi to a girl i don't know
PePoPs87: lol
PePoPs87: they wont beat u up
PePoPs87: just say hi
PePoPs87: but if u really dont want to
jobellacera: yeah but it'll be a little awkward
PePoPs87: then dont
PePoPs87: she'll remember me
PePoPs87: i think
PePoPs87: so...cliff...
PePoPs87: u have a girlfriend?
PePoPs87: no lying
jobellacera: i bet she's the typical valley girl wannabe that's going to think that she's all high and mighty and look down on me
jobellacera: and say who th he*l are you?
PePoPs87: no
PePoPs87: lol
PePoPs87: LOL
jobellacera: why the heck is some azn loser talking to me
PePoPs87: naw
PePoPs87: shes nice
jobellacera: if i remember okay?
PePoPs87: last time i talked to her
PePoPs87: aiite
jobellacera: i'll just say hi
jobellacera: are you allyson?
jobellacera: my name is clifford shin
PePoPs87: yeah
PePoPs87: lol
jobellacera: a good friend of paulo
PePoPs87: u say ur whole name? why?
jobellacera: who goes to hart now
jobellacera: and wants to say hi to you
jobellacera: and just walk away
PePoPs87: lol

This is a conversation I had with my good friend, Tim.
jobellacera: write it down on a
jobellacera: post-it
jobellacera: and post it on the monitor
CurlyQman9460: gogogo
jobellacera: what?
CurlyQman9460: tell me what to write
jobellacera: write what?
CurlyQman9460: what to write down on a post-it?
jobellacera: put music on cliff's website
CurlyQman9460: I
CurlyQman9460: DON'T
CurlyQman9460: KNOW
CurlyQman9460: HOW!
jobellacera: you can't write?
jobellacera: heh i'm going to put that in my transcript section
CurlyQman9460: NOOOOO
jobellacera: what?
CurlyQman9460: don't put in transcript!!!
jobellacera: everything from write it down on a...
jobellacera: why?
CurlyQman9460: aww
CurlyQman9460: ok
jobellacera: if you really don't want me to put it in then i won't
CurlyQman9460: it'll make me look stupid, but its ok
CurlyQman9460: aww
CurlyQman9460: im just useful as a joke....
jobellacera: No, tim I respect you as a friend and you're useful for other things too.

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"Everybody, Everybody, Everybody wants to be a Cat!"
"Everybody, Everybody, Everybody wants to be a Cat!"
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