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Cliff's Tribute to Audrey Hepburn
They All Laughed

Information on They All Laughed as well as pictures.
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Complete Credited Cast (IMDb):
Audrey Hepburn .... Angela Niotes
Ben Gazzara .... John Russo
Patti Hansen .... Sam (Deborah Wilson)
John Ritter .... Charles Rutledge
Dorothy Stratten .... Dolores Martin
Blaine Novak .... Arthur Brodsky
Linda MacEwen .... Amy Lester
George Morfogen .... Leon Leondopolous
Colleen Camp .... Christy Miller
Sean H. Ferrer .... Jose
Glenn Scarpelli .... Michael Niotes
Vassili Lambrinos .... Stavros Niotes
Antonia Bogdanovich .... Stefania Russo
Sashy Bogdanovich .... Georgina Russo
Sheila Stodden .... Barbara Jo

Pictures from They All Laughed


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