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My Friends

This is the page dedicated to my friends. It is also known as the "Shoutouts". Don't take this page too seriously.

"A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard" is the definition of a "Friend" defined by the Random House Dictionary


Banisaba, Stefani: Stef, you're the greatest. That's all I can say except for thanks alot for talking to me on the bus. Hey isn't A Walk to Remember a great book? You know what I mean when I say I love you right?

Degerman, Sarah: Remember in 8th grade when we had PE together and would always play Handball? Poor Julian always got out and Kieffer wouldn't ever admit that he was out and stole the ball.

Gates, Amy: Hey you aren't really a friend, heck you're my cousin but you're still one of my best friends. Love You.

Kim, Jane: Whoa Jane i've known you for a while, remember when we used to go to Third Street together?

Reff, Hannah: You're so cool, too bad that you went to Granada Hills. Hey our football team is going to beat yours next year. Let's remain in "friendly terms" :)

Ryou, Kathleen (aka Kat): Yup, you and I go way back. Don't we Kat? Ever since six grade... that's like 3 years.

Takasugi, Lara: Such a wonderful soccer player (although I haven't ever seen you play...)

Tsao, Jade: Thank goodness you're in all my academic classes, you have made them more bearable. And you're such a great tennis player, I hope your team will be undefeated next year.

Wei, Jill: Although you may be more of a advisor than a friend, I consider you a friend because you have made my first year at North Hollywood easier. Oh yeah, keep watching Notting Hill. :)

Yeh, Jennifer: Such a fantastic flutist, stay smart and keep practicing.

Yi, Jein: You're another person that I met this year. Interesting way of spelling your name by the way (you probably heard this thousands of times) I hope we can be good friends.

Yun, Monica: Well thanks for talking to me online recently, and remember the promise that we made, I'll live up to it? Will you?

More to come...


Ahn, Eric: It's very sad that I haven't been able to talk to you after you moved to La Cresenta. But you're the longest known friend that I have. What is it now, 9+ years?

Cho, Timothy: Hey Tim, I've known you and Paulo for a long time too. What can I say? Your the best flutist that I know and remember to create the first band for the Navy S.E.A.L.S.

Chu, Derrick: Hey you know sometimes I act like I'm not a good friend of yours, but I really am. You can count on me!

Chung, Jacob: I havent been able to talk to you much lately, but I know we'll always be friends.

Fong, Paulo: Again another person I've known for a while, good luck with Irene and join Key Club so we can meet sometime.

Gates, Sam: You too, just like Amy, you are really nice to me and I consider you a good friend. Love Yah!

Gandhi, Amit: Hey thanks for helping me out in Art History and previous times too. Remember the saying that Kieffer made up, "When it doubt, Gandhi is out!" when he got out,but didn't want to stop playing?

Hong, Jason: It's the first year I've known you but so far, I think we're going to be real good friends.

Kim, Matthew: Hey I can always rely on you for academic help, can't I? Gosh, you're so good in math.

Kim, Min Gun: Well sorry that I thought you were a ninth grader. (You forgive me right?) Hey, you're a real good basketball player because you can dribble so well.

Kim, Terrence: Sometimes I mess around with you, but you know I'm your friend. Please don't be mad because you couldn't get into our bridge group, we already had five.

Kong, Andy: I've known you for a while, ever since preschool right? Keep practicing basketball, you're real good, consider rejoining the team next year okay?

Kwak, Roy: I just meet you this year, and I'm not in any of your academic classes. However we talk in PE and Art History sometimes. Hey I admire you because you're so religious, I wish I could be like you.

Law, Jensen: Hey my newest best friend. Ive known you since 3rd grade, but we never were able to talk much. I know you'll succeed in life.

Li, Kristan (Chris): Well Chris, you're another friend I've meet this year. I know you're a good soccer player and I hope it stays that way. Also, when you hit me, hit me a little more lighter and softer, geez I'm not your punching bag :)

Lim. Peter (Petey): Well Petey, I remember the first time I saw you at A+, we were second graders right? Do you remember? Well anyway, you're a very good friend and I hope we can get our secret handshake perfected.

Long, John: Hey I've known you for what 7+ years. Whoa, ever since San Jose. Well good luck in your marching band and I hope that they will win alot of trophies.

Mun, Mark: Mark, good old Mark, What can I say? You make me laugh often and I hope you'll make the tennis team this year. I'll put a prayer in for you if you want.

Ri, Phillip (Ri-Diddy): Phillip you always make me laugh when you crack your lame jokes and your "rapper-like" vocabulary on me.

Shin, Jung (t-bone): Jung, I've known you for three years and by far you have one of the most interesting character. Stay cool and I hope you get into Harvard.

Shin, Stanley: Stanley, its also kind of sad because I dont have any classes whatsoever with you, but you'll always be my good friend.

Yoon, Joseph: Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, you changed a lot from last semester. But the change was for the better, and I hope you stay the way you are right now.

More to come...

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This page couldn't have been possible without the help of my friend, Monica Yun

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