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Cliff's Tribute to Audrey Hepburn

I will explain why I admire Audrey Hepburn and why she was so famous during the 50's all the way up to the 80's.

The tune that you are listening to is "S'Wonderful" from Funny Face.

The First Time I Remember Seeing Audrey Hepburn
The first time I saw Ms. Hepburn was when I was in the seventh grade. It was Memorial weekend and we had just come back from the beach. We stopped by at Hollywood Video and we split out to find movies to watch. I picked Entrapment and my parents had picked out this movie called Breakfast at Tiffany's. My first reaction was... what at strange name for a film. I thought that the whole movie would just be about the lady who smokes a cigarrette that's pictured on the cover of the DVD and goes around having breakfast at some cafe called Tiffany's. (The first time I saw Ms. Hepburn that I recall is on the cover of Breakfast at Tiffany's) Well my parents told me that they saw the movie a couple of years ago and that they recommended me to watch it. So I did. And I loved it. The characters were so funny like Holly Golightly and the Japaneses man upstairs. I think I watched it twice before I returned it...

When I first became a fan of hers..
The first time I saw her was back in the seventh grade. But for some strange reason, I didn't become an aficionado of hers back then. Well two years past and now I was beginning the ninth grade. On a weekend during November, I recalled something that I had watched in my eighth grade teacher's class (Ms.Massoudi). After reading To Kill A Mockingbird, we watched this film about Greogry Peck. There was a part in the film about this film called Roman Holiday. And that film stuck with me, so I decided to rent it. After renting it at Blockbuster I came home and watched it with my family. I was making popcorn during the first few minutes, so I missed Audrey Hepburn's name, but while I was watching it, I became a fan of this Princess Ann character. When I realized who Princess Ann really was, I was shocked. Anyway after that movie, I went crazy. I immediately went on and bought all her films avaiable on DVD. In February, I went online to buy almost all her films avaliable. Some films that I wasn't able to acquire were The Children's Hour, One Wild Oat, and The Lavender Hill Mob.

Why I like her and why other people do too
Audrey has class. Unlike her contemporaries like Marilyn Monroe, she was elegant and graceful. "She fit none of the cliches"

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