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Cliff's Tribute to Audrey Hepburn
Movie Reviews

Here are links to pages about each of the Audrey Hepburn movies that I own. Each page will have various information about the movie, pictures, and a summary. (I also have The Lavender Hill Mob, but Ms. Hepburn only had a minor role and didn't contribute much, so I won't dedicate a whole page to that movie.)

The tune that you are listening to now is "Funny Face" from Funny Face.

Roman Holiday


War and Peace

Funny Face

Love in the Afternoon

The Nun's Story

Green Mansions

The Unforgiven

Breakfast at Tiffany's

The Children's Hour


Paris When It Sizzles

My Fair Lady

How to Steal a Million

Two for the Road

Wait Until Dark

Robin and Marian


They All Laughed


Gallery 5



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