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Cliff's Tribute to Audrey Hepburn

Information about Sabrina as well pictures.
You are now listening to "La Vie En Rose" from Sabrina.

Linus (Humphrey Bogart) and David (William Holden) are the two sons of the wealthy Larrabee family, who owns a huge enterprise. Linus is the older brother and he is a workaholic. David is an epicurean, who hardly goes to work. Linus is busy running the family enterprise and has no time for family or a wife. David is busy running around looking for women and has already divorced three times. The family's chauffeur, Thomas Fairchild (John Williams II) has a daughter, Sabrina Fairchild (Audrey Hepburn) who has been in "love" with David all her life. However David doesn't talk to her or even care if she is there or not. Sabrina decides to kill herself and locks herself in the garage with all the cars running. Linus hears the cars and saves Sabrina. Thomas Fairchild sends her daughter to a Parisian cooking school. After two years, Sabrina comes back to Long Island  (where the Larrabee family resides) as an attractive and sophisticated woman. David immediately falls for her, while he is engaged to Elizabeth Tyson (Martha Hyer), the daugther of the family with the second largest sugar cane production. Linus needs David to marry Elizabeth to start a plastics division in his corporation. Oliver Larrabee (Walter Hampden), Linus and David's father, is also worried, so he tells Linus to get rid of Sabrina. Linus decides to charm Sabrina, although he is much older, he manages to do so because Sabrina begins to fall for Linus. However, Linus finds himself falling in love with Sabrina also. He gathers the courage to tell her to leave Long Island with David. David by now has sensed that Sabrina likes Linus more, and decides not to go with Sabrina. Linus with all the board members and both the Tyson and Larrabee (minus David) family begins to tell them that David has run away with Sabrina when, to his surprise, David walks in. After some arguing, Linus decides to follow his heart for once and chases after Sabrina. The movie ends with Sabrina and Linus meeting on the ship sailing for Paris.

Complete Credited Cast (IMBd):
Humphrey Bogart .... Linus Larrabee
Audrey Hepburn .... Sabrina Fairchild
William Holden .... David Larrabee
Walter Hampden .... Oliver Larrabee
John Williams (II) .... Thomas Fairchild
Martha Hyer .... Elizabeth Tyson
Joan Vohs .... Gretchen Van Horn
Marcel Dalio .... Baron St. Fontanel
Marcel Hillaire .... The Professor
Nella Walker .... Maude Larrabee
Francis X. Bushman .... Mr. Tyson
Ellen Corby .... Miss McCardle

Pictures about Sabrina




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