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Cliff's Tribute to Audrey Hepburn

Here I will notify people about the recent updates to this site. Also this apge will serve as a vehicle for my forth gallery.
You are now listening to "La Vie En Rose" from Sabrina.

Dates and What Happened:

February 6,2003:
Added two new segments from the script from Funny Face.

January 17,2002:
New picture of Audrey Tatou in Look-A-Likes

January 4,2002:
Added two scanned pictures in Look-A-Likes and Fashion.

January 2,2003
Happy Birthday Mom! Addition of summary of Funny Face.

January 1, 2003
Happy New Year! I added Natalie Portman to the Look-A-Likes Page.

October 27,2002:
Addition of the Fashion page, Updated Reasons Page

October 20,2002:
Added Three New Links

September 14,2002
Addition of Look-A-Likes page

August 4,2002
Addition of summary to the Sabrina subpage of Movie Reviews

June 8,2002:
Addition of miscellaneous section and summary for Roman Holiday.

May 27,2002:
Addition of a new type of text scroll for the cursor. Each page has its own unique cursor now.

May 26,2002
The Movie Reviews page has been expanded, so now my site has become a website within a webiste. Each movie title leads to its own page which has pictures and information pertaining to that movie. Creation of Gallery 5 in the Movie Reviews page. Still searching for MPEGs...

May 23,2002
Addition of Updates Page and pictures on the Updates page (Gallery 4).

May 22,2002:
Addition of two pictures to Gallery and two more pictures to Gallery 2.

May 20,2002:
Addition of text to the Mailbag page.

May 19,2002:
I have decided to create a site dedicated to one of my favorite actors, William Holden. Now it is a matter of when I will start construction. But first, I have to finish this site....

May 18,2002
Tripod has restricted the amount of memory that my site can consume from fifty megabytes to twenty megabytes. As a result, all but five unique songs remain upload on the site.

February 25,2002:
Admission to the Audrey Hepburn Webring.

February 24,2002:
Addition of guest book on the Main page. Addition of text to the biography, Filmography, Trivia & Achievement, Movie Poster, Lyrics, Gallery, Gallery 2, Related Links, Quotes & Scripts, and Reasons.

February 23,2002:
Addition of pictures to the Biography (Gallery 3), Filmography, Trivia & Achievement, Mailbag, Related Lunks, UNICEF, and Contact Me pages.

February 22,2002:
Addition of movie posters and six pictures to Gallery and six other pictures to Gallery 2.

February 18,2002:
Addition of songs to each page (unique songs for each page)

February 14,2002:
Addition of Gallery 2, UNICEF, Quotes & Scripts, MPEG, and Reasons page.

February 7,2002:
Addition of Biography, Filmography, Trivia & Achievements, Movie Posters, Lyrics, Gallery, Mailbag, Related Lunks, Contact Me, and Movie Reviews pages (mostly blank pages though)

February 4,2002:
Creation of site with just the main page.

Picture gallery 4



Director of My Fair Lady (George Cukor) is talking to Audrey Hepburn (Eliza Doolittle).


Audrey Hepburn with her son (Sean Ferrer) and ex-husband (Mel Ferrer).


Another picture of Audrey


Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady.

I'll try to update this site as often as possible.