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Cliff's Tribute to Audrey Hepburn
Funny Face

Information on Funny Face as well as pictures.
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Maggie Prescott (Thompson) is the owner of Quality magazine. She decides that the color of the season will be pink. She orders the Quality plane to be painted pink and everything else to be in pink. Realizing, the thousands of American women who read her magazine for fashion tips. She brilliantly "comes up" with the idea of the Quality woman. (a model that will be represent everything that the ideal Quality woman should be and everything that the magazine stands for) She visits her photographer, Dick Avery (Astaire) who is in the midst of shooting Marion (Dovima). Prescott loves Marion and wants Avery to take photos of her for the Quality woman. However, Dick wants the Quality woman to be an intellectual. To make Marion (she is your sterotypical blonde) seem more intelligent, they move the photoshoot to a small bookstore in Greenwich village.
Without permission, the Quality crew storms in and pushes the employee aside. The employee Jo Stockton (Audrey Hepburn) is in charge while the owner is out of town and she believes that fashion magazines are a waste of paper. She tells them to leave, but they just kick her out. After several hours, they finish and let Jo back in. Dick remains and helps her clean up.
Back in his darkroom, Dick is processing the photos of Marion, but in one of the pictures is Jo's face. He magnifies it and presents it to Prescott. She disapporves, but with Dick's constant urging, she gives in. They trick Jo to come to Quality's building by ordering some books. After making the delivery, she realizes she's been tricked and runs away. Dick catches her and persuades her to come to Paris to shoot photographs with the great Paul Duval (Fleming). The only reason why Jo goes is because she wants to attend a Empahaticalism meeting lead by Professor Emile Flostre (father of Empathaticalism).
Once in Paris, Jo ditches the shoot and goes to the meeting, however Flostre invites her into his private room to "discuss" and tries to kiss her. Jo sees that Flostre is a fake and runs back to the Quality crew. She apologizes and with Dick and Duval take pictures. As Dick and Jo travel throughout France taking pictures they begin to fall in love. The movie ends with them singing, dancing, and floating away on a small boat.

Complete Credited Cast (IMDb):
Audrey Hepburn .... Jo Stockton
Fred Astaire .... Dick Avery
Kay Thompson .... Maggie Prescott
Michel Auclair .... Professor Emile Flostre
Robert Flemyng .... Paul Duval
Dovima .... Marion
Suzy Parker (I) .... Specialty Dancer (Pink Number)
Sunny Hartnett .... Specialty Dancer (Pink Number)
Jean Del Val .... Hairdresser
Virginia Gibson .... Babs
Sue England .... Laura
Ruta Lee .... Lettie
Alex Gerry .... Dovitch
Iphigenie Castiglioni .... Armande

Pictures from Funny Face




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