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Cliff's Tribute to Audrey Hepburn
Roman Holiday

Information about Roman Holiday as well as pictures.
The tune that you are listening to is "Moon River" from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Princess Anne (Audrey Hepburn) visits Rome on a Goodwill Tour and has a nervous breakdown due to the amount of stress on her. The doctor gives her medication to calm her down and to make her happy. She decides to leave the palace for a while and take a tour of Rome. She meets an American reporter named Joe Bradley (Gergory Peck). At first he doesn't realize that she is Princess Anne and being a gentleman, he takes her to his apartment until she becomes sober again. The next morning, he reports to his boss, Mr. Hennessey (Hartley Power) late as usual, but finds out that the person that is sleeping in his apartment is Princess Anne. He makes a bet with his boss that he will be able to get a personal interview with Princess Anne including pictures. By now, the royal family has noticed that Princess Anne has disappeared and has sent their secret service agents to find her. Joe makes a phone call to his photographer buddy, Irving Radovich (Eddie Albert) and they both decide to split the money when they win the bet. Joe goes back to his apartment, but Anne has already woken up and is preparing to go back. Anne borrows some money to take a taxi and leaves Joe. Instead of going back to the palace, Anne goes to a barber shop and buys ice cream. Joe follows her and they bump into each other. Joe offers to give a tour of Rome and Anne a.k.a Anya accepts. (Princess had lied to Joe and said that her name was Anya.) With Ivring follwing them and taking pictures, Joe takes Anya to the Coliseum, a sidewalk cafe, and then to a barge where a dance is taking place. At the barge, the secret service agents spot Princes Anne and a brawl occurs. Anne and Joe both escape. At first, Joe just wanted a story from Anne, but has begun to like her very much. Princess Anne has begun to like Joe too and wants to stay with him forever, however she realizes that she has a filal duty to fufill. They both say goodbye and Princess Anne returns to the palace. With Anne gone, Joe decides not to write an article and loses his bet. The next day, at the press conference, Joe and Ivring both give the pictures from her tour of Rome to Princess Anne. Joe stays until the end of the conference and even with nobody there except the guards, he remains. Finally he walks out of the palace. THE END

Complete Credited Cast (IMDb):
Gregory Peck .... Joe Bradley, Correspondent American News Service
Audrey Hepburn .... Princess Ann aka Anya Smith
Eddie Albert .... Irving Radovich
Hartley Power .... Mr. Hennessy, Joe Bradley's Boss
Harcourt Williams .... Ambassador
Margaret Rawlings .... Countess Vereberg
Tullio Carminati .... General Provno
Paolo Carlini .... Mario Delani, Hairdresser
Claudio Ermelli .... Giovanni, Bradley's Landlord
Paola Borboni .... Charwoman
Alfredo Rizzo .... Cab driver
Laura Solari .... Secretary
Gorella Gori .... Shoe seller

Scenes from Roman Holiday.




Directed by Willaim Wyler in 1953, this was the first film that gave Audrey Hepburn fame. This was also the film where Audrey Hepburn got her first and last Oscar, but certainly not her only nomination. This movie was later used as the basis for Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

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