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Cliff's Tribute to Audrey Hepburn
The Nun's Story

Information on The Nun's Story as well as pictures.
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Complete Credited Cast (IMDb):
Audrey Hepburn .... Sister Luke (Gabrielle van der Mal)
Peter Finch .... Dr. Fortunati
Edith Evans .... Reverend Mother Emmanuel (Belgium)
Peggy Ashcroft .... Mother Mathilde (Africa)
Dean Jagger .... Dr. Van Der Mal
Mildred Dunnock .... Sister Margharita, Mistress of Postulates
Beatrice Straight .... Mother Christophe (Sanatorium)
Patricia Collinge .... Sister William, Convent Teacher
Rosalie Crutchley .... Sister Eleanor
Ruth White (II) .... Mother Marcella (School of Medicine)
Barbara O'Neil .... Sister Katherine
Margaret Phillips .... Sister Pauline, Medical Student
Patricia Bosworth .... Simone, Postulate who changed her mind
Colleen Dewhurst .... Archangel Gabriel (Sanatorium)
Stephen Murray (I) .... Chaplain (Father Andre)

Pictures from The Nun's Story


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